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Protecting Community Hospitals

Community hospitals not only provide quality, affordable care, they also employ hundreds of workers from in and around the community. That’s why Speaker Mariano has been leading the effort to establish more robust protections for community hospitals. As larger hospital systems expand, they attract more privately insured patients, allowing them to command more leverage during negotiations with insurers. At the same time, vulnerable community hospitals lose these patients, lose leverage, and begin a downward financial spiral. In 2021, the House passed legislation to promote a more balanced health care market by strengthening the regulatory processes for health care expansions. The legislation establishes a more rigorous review process to ensure that when large hospital systems expand, they are not infringing on community hospital markets, and subsequently driving up the cost of healthcare in Massachusetts. In order to guarantee access to affordable treatment for all residents of Massachusetts, community hospitals must be protected. If Massachusetts is serious about controlling health care spending for the protection of our own residents, passing the house bill that protects community hospitals is a no-brainer.

Developing the Offshore Wind Industry in Massachusetts

One of the greatest collective challenges of our time is the destructive potential of our changing climate. However, amid the daunting threat of climate change lie opportunities to transform our economy and create a robust clean energy workforce. In particular, the waters off our coast offer Massachusetts immense, untapped potential to become a national leader in the offshore wind energy industry. That’s why, in July of this year, the Legislature passed legislation to bolster offshore wind and other clean power production and upgrade the Commonwealth’s energy grid in preparation for the continued transition to clean energy generation. By boosting investments in offshore wind, solar, geothermal and energy storage systems, we are on the path toward reducing our reliance on natural gas to generate electricity, which is a major factor in the high cost of energy in our region, and meeting our goal to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Gun Safety Reform

In 2014, Speaker Mariano was the lead negotiator during Massachusetts’ gun safety reform effort and the subsequent ban on bump stocks, which have made Massachusetts a national leader in gun safety. However, as the Supreme Court continues to erode away at gun safety protections here in Massachusetts, and as gun violence continues to plague communities across America, the House will continue to look for ways to further improve the Commonwealth’s gun laws, and will work to ensure that any gun laws passed in Massachusetts will hold up when challenged in court.